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Collaborating with best-selling Laurel Canyon author, Michael Walker, Delta Lady will trace Coolidge’s life from small town Tennessee, through the Memphis music scene of the late ‘60’s and finally to Los Angeles where she found fame as a singer/songwriter. Focusing on her relationships with some of the leading stars of the era—including Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, Leon Russell, her friendship with Joe Cocker and her high profile marriage to fellow superstar Kris Kristofferson, Delta Lady will be more than a well- tuned music business scrapbook/memoir of the faces and places Coolidge recalls on the well-documented career path that impacted her generation and beyond with her signature songs, definitive sound and ethereal beauty. The book promises to expose the deep spiritual and emotional roots of Coolidge’s life that provided the bedrock of her survival through and beyond the tumultuous time or change in the social landscape of America and its music.